Website backup is crucial for running a good business. Regular backups are what protects your data from unexpected circumstances.

People become aware of the importance of backup only when they’ve lost important data. This is why all our hosting services include automatic free backup on a daily basis. We find it important to give our clients the feeling that their websites are always secure.

But, just in case that you don’t host your websites with us, we offer you the service of backing up your websites, or whole servers, no matter where they are.

You will have access to the copies of all your websites’ files, as well as the copies of all MySQL bases for the last 10 days. Also, we do monthly backups, which comprise backing up all your websites’ files for the last month, as well as backing up your MySQL bases for the last ten days of the previous month.

Standard Backup Package

This package is excellent for clients whose website is not hosted on our servers. With 30 GB of space, MyCity-Hosting performs backup of your website on a daily and monthly basis, so that you can always retrieve any file from your website if something unexpected happens to the website itself. It is in our interest to give you the feeling that your website is secure.

100GB Backup Package

100 GB Backup package is already included in our VPS offer. The advantage of this backup package is that you can backup multiple websites, even if they are not hosted on our servers. You have at your disposal 100 GB of backup space and you can revert to the yesterday’s copy of any file from any of the backed-up websites, as well as the last month’s copy.

4 TB Backup Package

4 TB Backup package is perfect for clients whose priority is backing up of dedicated servers. As with the previous packages, the backup with this one is done on a daily and monthly basis, as well, with the difference that this is a backup of the whole server. This offer gives you 4 terabytes of backup space.

Includes free technical support via e-mail, available each day from 09:00 to 00:00 and 13:00 to 00:00 on weekends (local times). We will answer all question that you might have.