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Data collection on the website

Our website, with the aim of analysis and re-marketing, collects data on visitor during visiting the website. By using our website, you agree to the collecting of this data. Data is gathered using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel as well as their browser cookies.

Data collected through Google Analytics includes:

  • time of visit
  • country and city of visitor
  • operating system of visitor
  • web browser of visitor
  • how often the visitor visits our website
  • screen resolution and data on web technologies supported by the browser (JavaScript, Flash, etc.)

We use Facebook Pixel with the aim of potentially displaying an advertisement for our website to our visitors who had previously visited our website (re-marketing). Facebook Pixel will not send any data on the website visitor (we will not even know the visitor’s name), instead, it will literally allow Facebook to show our advertisement to the returning visitor – and nothing more.

All of the data inserted by the visitor into our website’s contact form is stored in our e-mail’s inbox indefinitely (our e-mail account is located in the Google Suite service and is protected with two-step authentication).
The reason why we store this data is to respond to the potential client’s request or issue an account to the client for the purchased services.

We do not give this data to any third-party.

The user has the right to demand deletion of data he/she had previously input in the contact form (or had attached in the later e-mail conversation) by demanding a deletion request of this data via e-mail.

Data for invoicing (issuing an account) is stored in Google Calc table on Google Drive (the account is protected with two-step authentication).  Accounts given out to clients are stored on Dropbox service (account is protected with two-step authentication).
Google, Dropbox and Facebook services are located in USA.

Web server keeps the IP address (and the exact time of visit) of our visitors’ websites in the log file. The web server is located in Germany.
The log is kept for one month.

The reason for login is that we are obliged by the law to keep the log file, in case somebody should commit a crime by using and misusing our website.



Our clients’ data on our servers

Since our work includes services of data “saving and serving” (hosting websites, e-mails, databases), it is our duty to thoroughly describe where and how we store our users’ data.


  • All of our servers hosting websites, e-mails and databases are located in Germany (in the cities of Nuremberg and Falkenstein/Vogtland, in Hetzner datacenters) and Finland (in the city of Helsinki, in Hetzner datacenter), except for certain cases where a client demands some other country
  • Datacenters in which our servers are located guarantee physical safety of servers (ISO/IEC 27001 certificate)
  • Locations where we keep backup copies of all hosted data are: Serbia (city o Niš, the premises of our company), Germany (cities of Nuremberg and Falkenstein/Vogtland, Hetzner datacenters), Finland (city of Helsinki, Hetzner datacenter), Lithuania (city of Vilnius, RackRay datacenter)
  • Client can choose in which city and datacenter (out of the offered) their website, e-mail and database will be hosted and backed up
  • Backup servers are specially protected, none except the servers’ administrators (working in our company) has access to these servers
  • Data from hosting servers is copied to our backup servers every night, using encrypted connection
  • Data input by the client in the protected section of the website, hosting or database is not available to public (except in the case of cyber-attack or when the state authorities request an insight by law)
  • All data published by the client in the public section of the website is available to public
  • The content of our clients’ e-mail is available to themselves only (except in the case of hacking or when the state authorities request an insight by law)
  • Our company uses the most advanced protection measures, and in the ten years of our company’s existence, there hasn’t been a single cyber-attack at server level.
  • However, it is important to mention that our company is not responsible if any of our clients’ computer is infected and website or database passwords are stolen due to our clients’ oversight.
  • In case of a cyber-attack at server level, our company will immediately inform our client
  • Servers’ administrators employed in our company have technical possibility to access all of the server data, however, they understandably do not do this
  • Nobody except for our clients and server administrators (employed in our company) has access to protected parts of the website, server, database, hosting (except in the case of hacking or when the state authorities request an insight by law). None of the mentioned private data will be given by our company to the third party.
  • Our clients have the right to demand complete deletion of all data stored in our hosting or the server that they had acquired, as well as deletion of the data’s backup copy.
  • Servers store the following data in the log file for one month:
    • IP addresses (and the exact time of visit) of visitors of our clients’ websites
    • IP addresses (and the exact login or login attempt time) of those who attempted or managed to log in to the hosting panel, e-mail services, FTP and SSH services.
  • Data is stored in the log file for a month.

The reason for login is that we are obliged by the law to keep the log file, in case somebody should commit a crime by using and misusing a service on the server.

  • By ordering some of our services, the user is familiarized with all of the above mentioned.



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